Special Structures

Prefabricated buildings customized for your unique project

Whether it’s industry, scope, or location, each project is unique. So, you need tailored solutions that meet your individual needs. From pre-engineered metal buildings to blast-resistant prefab units to protect workers, we’ve got you covered.

Let us help your growing business with our fleet of mobile office trailers that can be relocated where you need it, when you need, on time and on budget. Whether you need temporary or long-term solutions, our mobile offices are designed to last.

It’s easy to customize your office. We’ve got different sizes and floor plans, and any range of parts and accessories. Turn the units into anything from retail storefronts to office complexes.

Our Products

Pre-engineered metal buildings

For durable metal buildings that can withstand extreme conditions, we offer pre-engineered structures made with Varco Prudent components.

Blast resistant prefabricated units

We’ve partnered with Hunter Buildings to develop blast-resistant modular buildings to help protect your people.

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