Camp & Support Services


Leave your workforce lodging to us. From food services to janitorial and maintenance, including accommodation management, we’ll take care of everything that goes into a pleasant guest experience. Our tailored campsite operations meet the needs of remote locations for multinational populations and other support services anywhere, anytime.

From check-in to check-out, every touchpoint for your remote workforce is designed with the comforts of home in mind. The logistics of running a large-scale lodge can be complex, we provide complete camp services to cater for both the practical side of your operation and the social well-being of your teams.


A well-fed crew is a happy crew. We know that helping you look after your team with great food is not just a nice to have, it’s a must. We can put together a customized food service program prepared by our certified chefs that is nutritious and features complete range of popular cuisines to suit a variety of tastes.

With an aim to provide the customer with a well-balanced diet served on project site as per requirements and to ensure from the purchase of best food stuff to efficiently stored, transport and prepared under hygienic conditions to maintain the highest standards.

Our Services Include

Industrial Catering (Messing)
Industrial Kitchen Designing
Full breakfast, lunch and dinner service


Focus on your core business and let us take care of the rest, wherever that may be.

Your operations require extensive operations support and management. Not only can providing that support be time consuming, but it often requires unique expertise working in difficult climates and terrain.

Let us set up and maintain your operations with specialized services that includes camp management messing, allied services, power station, waste management etc.


Keep your camp in sparkling shape with commercial cleaning. Our housekeeping services include cleaning of staff quarters, including beds and linens.

To keep common areas up to the highest health and safety standards, we perform regular cleaning of public spaces like the reception and lobby area, dining room, hallways, washrooms, recreation facilities and fitness Centre.

We also provide laundry for the residents and company’s personal on board at project sites.

Our Services Include

Light Construction Work
Pest control
Building operations and repairs
Management of water and wastewater treatment facilities
Management of water and wastewater treatment facilities
Roads and grounds maintenance

Potable Water & Waste Water Management

For operations in remote locations and extreme climates where water advisories are frequent and areas of no access of water, there we offer complete water and waste water services to bring fresh, potable water to your operation.

We ensure the health and safety of people at your remote site with uninterrupted access to clean water. When you operate in areas with frequent water advisories or where utility services are not readily available, you need reliable methods of water production and treatment.

Whether your worksite has only a few people or a few hundred, we have water and wastewater solutions that are right for you.

Our Services Include

Freshwater production, storage and distribution
Water purification and treatment
Wastewater treatment and disposal
Sample testing and monitoring
Grey water solutions

Solid Waste Management

Promote a healthy work environment by keeping your facilities clean with our solid waste management services. In addition to site wide clean up and recycling, we can help you with third part processing, data reporting and hazardous waste management.

Keep your site clean, safe and sustainable with our industrial solid waste management services. We can design a program that includes the collection, treatment, disposal and transportation of waste materials including hazardous waste that is completely customized to your unique project needs.

We Can Help In Following Areas

Implementing and managing recycling and waste reduction programs
Manage transportation and processing and disposal
Management for all waste materials
Managing hazardous waste materials
Operate solid waste system including garbage collection, incineration and landfill
Site-wide clean up

Facilities Management

Expertise In Hard & Soft Facilities Management

Our facilities management experts can take care of anything, shape or form.

When it comes to the day-to-day operations of your business, you need support that will save you time, resources and money. That may be best served by a single, experienced provider of both hard and soft facilities management.

We render services across various industries, from government and military to energy and resources, in some of the most challenging and remote locations.

Whatever your needs are, we can develop a custom solution that works for you.

Field Mess
Laundry services
Housekeeping Management
Project management
Operations and maintenance program
Construction services
HVAC systems
Overhead doors
Electrical systems
Utilities and energy management
Roads and grounds keeping
Janitorial services
Waste management
Security and pass control
Pest control
Fleet management and maintenance
Logistics services

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